Mednovate: A Prescription for Better Medication Use provides patients with a forum to understand how medications impact their health. Our professionals comment on the latest discoveries and developments in medications, as well as the most appropriate ways to use medications and limit adverse effects. There are over 7,000 drugs approved for use in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration, resulting in over 2.5 billion prescriptions per year as of 2014. The impact is wide-ranging with almost 50% of Americans having at least one prescription (See data).  In addition to the large number of prescriptions, there has been in increase in the prescribing of specialty medications, non-traditional treatments (e.g. immune-based and bio-engineered therapies), as well as the popularity of self-medication with over-the-counter vitamins and alternative therapies. Mednovate will ultimately serve as an unbiased resource for patient care, namely providing information on medication.

The editor of Mednovate is Kenneth Dandurand, R.Ph., MS., a co-founder and the CEO/President of Clinical Pharmacy Associates (CPA) Inc. and MedNovations Inc.  He has published clinical research and authored a chapter in the book Misadventures in Health Care: Inside Stories, Edited by Marilyn Sue Bogner, © 2004 Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Additionally, he has given numerous lectures on medication use and safety, including as Clinical Faculty JCAHO.  Aside from his professional experience, he has a great amount of personal experience with the health system, both as a patient (Melanoma Stage IV) and as a caregiver (wife with Guillain-Barré syndrome and son with Asperger’s Syndrome).

Both CPA (founded in 1984) and MedNovations (founded in 2001) offer pharmaceutical care to patients, as well as consulting services to the healthcare industry. Our clinical pharmacists and other health care providers, among them physicians, nurses and engineers, have a combined expertise of over 500 years. Included in our client portfolio are the following:

Adventist Healthcare South
Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employees Plan
Dimensions Healthcare System
Georgetown University Medical Center
Group Health Associates
HIV/AIDS Ryan White Title II Program
Physician Insurance Association of America
Sheppard Pratt Psychiatric Health
Sibley Memorial Johns-Hopkins Medical
VA Medical Centers